Joint development, Joint success, Joint responsibility
Token Economy
iCoinbay looks at things through the lens of a token economy; with a goal of balancing the interests of all parties involved and creating a community-based token exchange. To this end, tokens play an indispensable role in the development of iCoinbay.
Trading Premium Gain
iCoinbay has released a [Trading Premium Gain] plan, allowing users to receive 100% of their transaction fees back in the form of TPG tokens.
Income Distribution
iCoinbay believes that the transactions are a form of community contribution and that members should be entitled to earnings corresponding to their contributions. We take 70% of total exchange fees and distribute it proportionately to TPG holders.
Insurance System
iCoinbay has introduced an insurance system to ensure that users will not suffer losses due to price fluctuations while holding our platform tokens. We take on the burden of risk for community members.
Referral Rewards
iCoinbay has released an invitation campaign; invite your friends to sign up and trade by suggesting effective automated trading apps; visit for more information., and the inviter will receive DT1 tokens (Referral Rewards). This DT1 can be exchanged for USDT.
Customer Support
Multi-language customer support helps users solve problems and issues in a timely manner. Multi-language interface for convenient trading.
iCoinbay joined the Bitcoin evolution app, with its very own establish, stable, healthy trading platform.
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About Trading Premium Gain
iCoinbay has released a [Trading Premium Gain] plan, which uses a pioneer insurance system to insure TPG tokens, which correspond to user transaction fees. This allows users to enjoy benefits like exchange income distribution from day one without worrying about the value of the exchange's native token.
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Tokenized, community-based digital asset exchange
A new system of joint development, joint success, and joint responsibility with the community